Looking for fun club

30 t0 40k wk player looking for fun club. Thanks


God’s Grace is looking for a daily player to add to our fun group. We go between Gold-Platinum. Check us out.

Hi @Jen_Lynn!
Please come join us in Tiki Central. We are a Platinum Club that chats and has fun.
We got all 7 Perks last week and always get 6 Perks weekly.
We would love to have you in our Club!

Hi Jen! CatLadiesUnited has room for you! (Yes, the one from the spotlight last week) We are a friendly group with easy minimums, already on top of Gold this week, Platinum next week…Check us out! We would love to have you!

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Come over to Xanadu2… low stress gold club :slight_smile:
Would love to have you join us :purple_heart::fairy:‍♀:cherry_blossom:

The Lostcrazies need a couple players.
We get all perks,done 2 perks in first 1hour and on 6.
We just completed tribute cq too.
We ask 42kcp wk,chat,cq tributes too.
But most players play over 42kcp.

Perk Smashers would love to have you. 20k/300 trib a week and 24 idle time We are a fun chat, love to chat and help each other out. We LOVE double gift days. Usually get all 6 perk with occasional bonus perk. We are currently in 1st place in Gold league, love those gems!!! Come join us!!

I am interested in joining. Any spots still available?

We have a spot! We require chatting! Look for logo with tongue sticking out and we are diamond.“Just Playing” is our name!

We Want Perks! - diamond team still looking for a new player, see full post under club recruitment :blush:

At reset a member has to leave for a family emergency. So yes, a spot is there. Request join CatLadiesUnited in Platinum. Thanks!!!

did you find a team?

Are set w team you’re with or would you be interested in joining Perk Crushers!!!