Looking for club

I am looking for a new club with active players that completes most club quests and perks. I prefer a club that does perk 6 in the beginning of the week. I usually play 3-5k a day. Thanks!


Hi, you sound like a great fit for our club named Binge Players. Please check us out.

Hi @Julied, I’m Karin co-Leader of Lizypisy, we’d love to have you in Lizypisy - we’re a Platinum level team and we’re fun, social and always complete at least the first 6 Perks.

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@Julied have you found a team?? We will need a new member by week’s end, we are ‘girls have fun’. We have a great team, no pressure, only request 20k/wk, always complete the perks, 6 is 3rd. What is your game name & club name?

Pls see the poll on RECRUITING and provide your experience. Thank you!

Please check out Gamers. We are a Sterling club and usually complete all 6 perks by Monday. We do perks 1 and 2 first night, then perk 6. Our min is 28k but most players score much more than that.

We need a competitive player at pacific dream! Come join us!

Well Awesomeness is the club for you our dly minimum is 3.5K/35 tributes along with maxing out the daily club quest. We are currently a top Platinum club with goal of returning to Diamond league as we need two active players. Many players average 40-100K+ weekly. We too prefer getting Perk 6 first for that precious Golden Tiki Man & get all 7 perks weekly. We ask that folks communicate in chat if they need to be idle for more than 14° or are unable to play. We understand that life sometimes interferes with our playtime LOL. Both the Leader & myself are available through messenger for more private chat if necessary & share coins via Facebook with interested players. We are a supportive fun team that knows we can only succeed if EVERYONE works together. My game name is #1pug&frenchyFAN and if AWESOMENESS feels like a fit for you click on over and check us out

Tiki Terrors. Our motto is all clu. Quest we do n complete all perks 1 2 6 3 4 5 is our order and 4K per day min

Diamond team in top 10-20 needs 2 serious players! Quests are mandatory! 35K is min but most are 50 to 75K. 18hrs max idle. No guests & must have a sense of humor! Send request to, Be A Star!

New Tiki Rock Stars Could use a member like you!!!

Hello just seen your post and seen a few people have asked you to join them but we need 2 players we are a very active but laid back group we say a minium of 15k a week and also a minimum of 250 tributes a week never be idle for more then 24 hours. I know you say you like perk 6 we have never got that but would love to get it we some strong active players who can hit decent points if interested please request our club name is sonnyandkelly same as my name thank you

Golden Oldies looking for you! Come check us out. If you cant find us, look for Ann No Invites.

Come join ostrichknights2! We do 6 first, are like a 2nd family, chat daily, CQ’s a must, are looking to build a team that’s committed & loyal & ultimately competitive on some level. We gift (boxes) internally often & enjoy having fun!

Bonjour, mon chéri et moi nous recherchons un club actif. Nous jouons quotidiennement. Mais nous voulons être dans le même club et les places ne sont pas nombreuses. Vous avez de la place pour nous ?
Je suis actuellement dans le club Tiki WPZ fr
Mais il n’y a pas de place pour mon chéri.

Look no further. EasyGoin Ninjas is our rebuilt club. We’re back at gold league & wld love to have you. Complete club quest & use chat. 15k min by perkend on ur 1st full week. But do what u can when u join. I’m Danielle, a co-leader.

Come join us…tiki warriors…perk 6 is second…thanks greg