Looking for club that meets all cqs.

Haven’t played for months and looking for ambitious club that chats and replies back and meets 99% of cqs. I have lots of coinage , free plays and boosters for the right club.


Come play with us we communicate in the club every day…we are trying find people who want too play not just sit idle for 48 hrs … zee and wez or leaders i am co leader your more them welcome to join us …my name is Rebekah Spencer our club…is tiki weezie

Diggin our team is looking for players. We are a new club of 3. We communicate, play for the team and are looking forward to digging when we get to 10 players

RunAways are looking for dedicated players. We chat and are rebuilding, moving up .

Check out beautiful belle. My name is Cheryl and I am a Co-Leader. We play quests, digs, club race, and give helps through the friends center.

Hi Kokolove36. You might want to check out Golden Girls. We are a legendary team, communicate all day lol. Someone’s always on. All members are required to complete CQs. Everyone is supportive and encouraging. Tell them lildove sent ya!

Thanks so much for reaching out and the info about Golden Girls. I am aware of them from past fb top 10 weekly clubs and would be very interested in joining them but the highest I have ever been on is diamond for awhile. I don’t know if I have enough coins, boosters ect to be in a club of that caliber. Not even sure how much would be needed to not go broke lol
R u in the club? Later today I will send a request to join. Maybe u could give them a heads up? My club bsme is Bella.

Thanks again and I look forward to ur insight on my dilemma

Before joining I was on a diamond group. You don’t need to go broke. In fact, if you follow the rules about the volcano, you should be just fine. Feed it tributes when you first log on and every hour when it refreshes. Those pay out the highest club points. Make sure to get your free coins every 20 minutes and ask for coins from friends every chance you get. Watch the ads cause they do give you free coins. Our club is very friendly but strict about the rules. If you’re having any problems, let them know. Good luck and have fun!