Looking for a permanent team that plays like a team

I have been playing this game and I enjoy it greatly. My problem is… The first team I joined, there wasn’t enough to qualify for the digs, or to get the free club gift. I was invited to another team where I got my first chance to dig, and was doing pretty well. For some unknown reason I was removed. I play everyday, always play for tributes, always qualify for the digs and races, always click to get the free gift in the gems and online. My only downfall is that I don’t always go into the chat everyday, and when I do, I don’t always say anything. I focus my time in challenges, perks and moving up. If you think I am a good fit for your team, please send me an invite.

Please have a look at ‘Going up’ - I think you would be a great fit for us. Not bothered about chatting, just post when Quest completed, and when digging. Hope you join us.

u neglected to mention what level of oplay u desire…what is your weekly scoring like. will help u find good fit…we require 15k weekly and do your share with quests. dig not required but many do it weekly along with race. platinum team Usual Suspects I am Batman Cj leader if u fit, request join ,will make room. game name ?

Check out RunAways,
Dedicated players who are rebuilding and moving up.