Looking for a new home - daily player

I am looking for a club that:

  • finishes all quests and perks
  • wins club competitions

About me:

  • may not complete quests, but come very close if not - say the 40 win, might win 30-35, but the quest has all 25 participating
  • no more than 20 hour idle; play multiple times a day
  • easily 35k club points




You may want to consider pele’s piranhas. They are a reformed diamond club currently in gold, next week platinum and the week after that possibly diamond.

Team Warriors needs a good player

Quattro Tikis are a team that is new but we were not new players we finish all cq and tributes. We are laid back but we want you to have at least 4200 day. We are working our way back up the ranks if you want to grow with a team.

I had to clean house so I am in the middle of rebuilding my club
Looking for players that play,complete at least 1/3 cq and maintain daily points mainly just have fun and we love communication
If you would like to join the club gliding tikis

Also, The Potato Squad is a good option.

Peace,love&tiki is looking for daily players

Would love for you to try our team! 5k daily, complete all quests, chat! We are “just playing” logo has tongue sticking out. Currently platinum, but we make diamond often! Come, request to join as we are currently invite only! Give us a try! Come on over!

We are usually a gold and platinum team but since we created this new club we do make cq,perks are a little harder since we are building up the club with only daily players that likes to complete cq and perks and can max at least 1/3.and no idles over 18. So if you want to help us build the club up we would love to have you at Peace,love&tiki also I am looking for a couple of co leaders so I will be looking for that as well. As for the new team, I have had my club for almost three years and I just wanted a new start

Then Perkmasters is the team you are looking for. Come try us out.