Looking for a new club...

Looking for a motivated club, who win perks and complete all quests.

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Look up tipsy Tikis, we have an opening. Require 4k and 25 tributes every day. And we get all 6 perks always, and the 7th if it is under 250k! P.s. we also have a bank week to take a break from the game! You can pm me if you like


Then u should come to our club,"Danmark "

Outcast Legends is rebuilding our team. We dropped to diamond this week with member turnover, but are climbing back to legend status. We have room for a lot of serious players, including potential co-leaders. We also have a rest team for breaks when needed. Come join us!

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If you haven’t found a new Club yet we are looking for new teammates and also an additional Co-Leaders for those who want to be more involved. Feel free to join us @thePokemonGo

We, from lazy bunch are searching 4 good players, we are in legend. 5k before first idle, 80k min per week, 10k first 24 hrs on Friday after reset, 20 k ontil Sunday :slight_smile: if you want to join, send a request, we are chatting and having fun wit players around the world.

We are dolphin sands, looking for a dedicated player. We are a top 10 Diamond League team who on occasion. Get to Legend. 3 k to start, 8 k per day. Quest required, we get all perks. Message if interested

Did you find a club you are happy with? Tiki Titans is in first place of our diamond division currently. We’ve had some recent turnover and need a couple of new dedicated players to join us and get us back into Legend league. Great, friendly group and no high pressure to perform. We’d love to have you join us!

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If you’re still looking, Wittville is looking for a strong player. Platinum league. Great team, communication, complete quests, lots of fun.

Club is Tiki mask, I pulled a few power players and started a new club. Our goal is legend, come check us out

Perks Priority is accepting new members. Rules are chat when joining to acknowledge team rules. 3k club points before idle, 7k+ minimum daily, complete club quests, no more than 12 hr idle. Diamond league that completes all 7 perks. Come join us if you can meet these requirements, we are worth it!

#pickled is a platinum level club seeking 5 new players.

Perks A Plenty is a new club started by several outstanding players from a previous platinum group. We are looking for new members who must communicate thru chat as well as contribute to advancing the team. Sorry but “no guest”. Come join & let’s see how high we can go!!

Look no further. EasyGoin Ninjas is our rebuilt club. We’re back at gold league & wld love to have you. Complete club quest & use chat. 15k min by perkend on ur 1st full week. I’m Danielle, a co-leader.

Club Wittville looking for 2 strong daily players.

Look for the figi fighte we are looking for serious players