Looking for a new challenge.

Looking for a solid platinum team. I usually get 40,000 + points weekly. Complete all quests. Love to dig. Don’t like boat race. Do not want to be on a team that has guests as members.


You sound like a perfect team player for One Step Beyond. Regarding the Race, some play, some float, and some dont play. Its your choice. We are a no drama team. Come check us out!!!

I didnt mention, we are a solid platinum team. Sometimes, we do jump up to diamond to get the gems. But, no pressure from our leader/co-leaders.

One more thing, if a guest join, they are required to change their name or they get removed.

Tried joining. No reply.

Using my nickname. Butter

Sorry, looking for a club that digs.

Jonathan, if you’re still interested in a solid Platinum team, we are the team you want! Our team name is TikTikTikiBoom! I’m the leader and have been playing since the game started. Quite a few of the players have been playing together for years. Digging (we love to dug!) and the Boat Race are optional, but perks and club quests come first. I’m including a screenshot of my club. It’s set on public, so you can join if you’d like.

Are you still looking for a team?