Looking for a little more than casual....

I would like to be in a bit more ambitious club but not one that actually kicks you to the curb if you have to miss a few days … I am sick a lot and can’t ALWAYS play or my phone service is interrupted a day or 2? I play EVERYDAY THAT I CAN!!!

Have a look at Going Up; we are always sympathetic to people who can’t play, as long as you let us know. Ask to join If you are interested :slight_smile:

Thanks .I will do that !!!

Hi! I’m leader of a great club, looking for everyday players. We’ve been in gold or platinum every week, just looking for players who can help us to stay in Platinum by contributing daily. I won’t boot you if you need to miss a couple of days, I only ask that you give me a head’s up, if you can, so that the rest of the club can try to pick up the slack on club quests. If I know that you may not be able to give me advance notice, I won’t boot you. We’re looking for someone who can contribute 18k club points/week, do tributes, try your best to complete club quests & check in/read club chat while you’re playing. Club name is A and A. My name in the game is Marcyc79- LV, NV. Please join us if this sounds like a good fit for you :blush:


I WILL CHECK YOU OUT ! I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR TURNED PATIENT AGAIN AFTER 3.6 YEARS .Chemo has been wonrking but I AM sick alot and the last 2 types they tried I had those so called rare allergic reactions to and once nearly bought it. Thats my reason for not being able to play as often . Also being poor as dirt lol buying in is not an option for me . Thank you for your quick response.

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OMGosh! I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems! I definitely understand & will be more lenient now that I know your circumstances. I have a few friends with cancer, so I completely get it. Definitely check us out, we’d be happy to have you join us :hugs:

I belong to “No Drama”. The only rule we have is that you are not inactive more than 2 days and if you will be longer than that to please let the club know on the chat board. If you keep contact and let us know we don’t kick you out. We have all levels of players but manage to complete most club events and make it through five perk levels per week. We have a few revolving spots that become available often. Would love to have you. I’ll keep my eye out for you in our new players.

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Thank you . I am going to check you out . I am behind schedule today . Thanks so much!

Thanks again .!!! I am behind today ! I am stressing over the new and unknown chemo treatment tomorrow . It scares me since my body has had two allergic to two different chemos and it can’t get better I do not think the further up the line the go …

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Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I know it’s tough, but try to stay positive, hopefully they’ll find a treatment that’ll agree with you. Don’t be discouraged, you’d be surprised what your body can handle, that you didn’t think it could. My prayers are with you :kissing_heart:

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I know hw u feel. Club I’m in now, I think, is longest I’ve been at any. Been dropped from some 3-5 clubs w/o warning I would be, so don’t really know why.

Am pleased that now top 3 participants are rewarded. At least now I feel challenged. Before, I wondered if anyone else wz trying to give any effort.

Club dine, we add sways get 51/2. We have cancer, migraines, you name it grandkids. All I ask is you pop in an say I’m down for a few days. Or I’m tag n go. I just like to be in the loop. An I will drop coin chasers

please consider joining Steezy. Nothing fancy about our group. In fact…everyone pretty much does their own thing. No questions asked. Casual as can be. Come check us out LesaRenna.

Hi if you are still looking please check out Victoria’s pace thanks red

Bless u , my husband is a 15 yr. survivor , I am blessed he’s with me

Look at “No F’s to give” You’d be a perfect fit. As long as you’re productive 15k a week minimum but a 20+ goal and do the basics I won’t cut you