Looking for a Diamond or higher club that focuses on tributes and not club competitions!

I’m looking for a club that has earning tributes as its priority…not playing for gems in the club competitions.

Hi MzQuail…we focus on both tribute games and club quests. Mutiny is the club name. Please ask for invite. Our rules and minimus are very doable.

Hey @MzQuail Dunedain is a top 10 diamond league team that has an opening. We only use our qualifying shovels in the club competition. Also you must agree to the rules in chat when you join We are very positive and never miss a club quest.

Hi MzQuail…if you did not find a new team yet, Showmetheapples would love to have you join us. We are a top 10 friendly Platinum team and our Perk Order is 126354S. We ask all our players to always check Club Notes, use Chat to write “maxed” when they complete each Club Quest and let us know if they will be idle for an extended period of time. Our Daily Club Minimums, that we all exceed, are 3,500 Club Points per day and 25 Tributes per day. Playing in the Club Competition is optional. We do not compete on weekends but merely everyone qualifies and the first few active dig one hole for gold and stop so we take 5th place (50 gems is better than 0 gems!). Midweek week with Golden Tiki those who wish to participate dig must dig with a minimum of 10 shovels. PS Last week one of our players beat her old high Tribute score of 1843 with 2800!

Hi, debbieb407. Thank you for your reply and I apologize for not responding sooner.

Your club sounds like it fits me to a T!!! However, I’ve decided to start another club. (My first one was Gold, but I did something REALLY dumb, and lost it!!!)

I do have one question: Do you have an island minimum? I had an invitation from a club that had an Island 5 requirement.

Hi MzQuail…sorry for the late reply as I never received an email notice that I had a message! Glad you started a new club. Yes, I do have a island minimum as Island 10 as a requirement. Usually if someone is still playing Island 1-9 they are still new to the game and don’t really understand how to play in Platinum, Diamond or Legend teams. We are willing to help the right players though if asked.

If your new team does not work out, come join ShowMeTheApples. We are looking for 1-3 players now.