Looking for 2 players for Solitaire Fun

Our club needs two more cool players who are tribute collectors and follow our plans. We usually win all 6 perks and sometimes the 7th. This week we had to drop down from platinum because we lost a couple strong players due to real life crisis. (If you warn us that something is happening you will never be removed.) We want to recruit players that are also willing to chat. Need to aim for at least 24 by the end of the week.

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I would love to become part of your team if you’re still looking?

yes we now need 4 lol please come - i opened it to public

I am in search of a good club. One that has team members because Without team members the club is no good

What is your team called? :blush:

Solitaire Fun is my team name. I made it public to help

Are you still looking for members. Would like to join!

I’ve played for years, but just now starting again. Are you accepting new members?

I’m looking for a new club