Looking 4 some solid players

Hi, Nob#%tches is a friendly platinum team looking for a few good players. We usually have Goldie by Sunday. We always get all 7 chests. This week we skipped it because we are diamond right now, trying to make our way back down to platinum. We don’t require the dig or boat races. Some members of our team do play the boat races. We skip a few quests amd opt for 3k instead. We require that all tribute quests get completed. If you’re going to be unable to play, we understand stuff happens, and just ask that you communicate that you’re not going to be able to get a quest done.

Looking to join a good team!!!

Check out Turkey Wishbone

I’m interested in finding a new team. I play everyday from morning to night, I collect all tributes and all CQ’s. I play all digs and all boat races. I have 4 accounts/4 phones playing them each, every day on 2 separate teams. I’ve just been just looking for a team to commit to that is EQUALLY as committed.

Why are you leaving your old team?

Looking for a team and you sound a good fit. I tried to find the team but can’t. If you’re still looking I’m very interested. :

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We are still looking: )

Thanks Amanda I will try again.
Game name is Millie.