I’m having trouble logging in on my account I originally made. I’ve asked in email twice since Facebook is deleted to delete the second account I made accidentally… My old account is over two years old… I have all my coins on it and I keep getting the one I’ve asked Scopely to delete come up no matter what I do… This is very frustrating. I do not know what to do. Support issues me ticket after ticket after I do not get an answer. Can anyone please help me. Thank you so much


Me too at least half a dozen times! Wanted to get loyalty points, I knew nothing about. They kept sending me an emailed link…Back to first base, could never log on! Didn’t want to link FB. Spent a small fortune early on from the game store in game. Don’t see why we shouldn’t, a purchase is a purchase!
See I just had a FB friend suggestion pop up here after saying NO notifications on FB.
IMHO we should get credited for loyalty points, I’ve saved those emails!

@pamnsc To my understanding, you deleted your FB account and so you no longer use FB to log into the game. Is the email you’re using to log in using Scopely, different from your Facebook account that you previously used and asked Scopely to delete? If it’s the same email for both FB and Scopely and they see it active, then I would think that is the reason you keep getting the one you asked Scopely to delete. If you are using a different email not associated to the account you asked Scopely to delete; I don’t know what else the issue would be.

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Ok thank you ok thank you appreciate your answer Colin

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Does anyone know how I can create a second account? I tried with a 2nd fb account but that didn’t work. I don’t know how else to do it. I have 2 team members that have 2 accounts and they can’t tell me how to do it, other than the 2nd fb account I tried. It always takes me back to my original account. Thank you!

In the game you must first log out of the FB account [go to MENU, tap ACCOUNT] if it is already linked you’ll see the option to sign out of Facebook. You must also log out of the FB app, if Android device or log out of FB through Safari, if Apple device. Log in to the new FB account or add the new FB account on the app or Safari. Start the game, if you’re already logged into the new FB account it should detect it, otherwise the FB app will pop up, not sure if Safari browser pop up. On my Android tablet, since I don’t have the FB app installed, the #3 image is the option that pops up. If using browser, you’ll want to clear your cookies and cache otherwise may detect other FB account, you’ve been using.

1) Sign out of FB in Game [MENU > ACCOUNT]

2) Select and sign in via Facebook App [if using Android device]

3) No Facebook app? Sign in via your browser

4) You will see this warning once you start using 2 or more accounts, selet OK


Thank you very much!