Loading between games is WAY too slow now

First off, I fully appreciate the loading between games being fixed. However… waiting for the continue to pop up AFTER all other progress is loaded is ridiculously slow now. 30 min free time has been drastically cut down due to this and it’s very much slowing down enjoyment. For me anyway.

Is there no way to have the screen fixed without adding significant loading times?

Have us just check our club quest progress on the main screen like we used to?

Sigh. Ramble over.


I like that it loads ever time also, the down fall is that you hit can’t continue asap like b4, IV NOTICED THE 30 min free play gets sucked up by screen time with this new update :disappointed_relieved:


Double that with the forced mini ads, and time is reduced even more! I used to get 30 games in the 30 minutes. When the quest screen was “fixed”, I could only get 27. Now with the ads, it’s 25. That’s 5 whole games! Equaling 5 minutes! Ridiculous!

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Yesterday I heard there is an update for Apple users that fixes the quest screen so the continue button appears before the quest progress loads, giving the users the opportunity to breeze through that screen.

If you have an iSomething, check it out. I have androids so I’m patiently waiting. I don’t have automatic updates, so if any other android users notice this is fixed for us, please let me know, because that is driving me cRaZy too lol. :slight_smile:

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@Crystal_Carlisle, it appears the mini ads are some type of glitch. For those of us it happened to, it only did that for a relatively short period of time…maybe a couple weeks.

I just hit the left arrow on my device as soon as screen goes dark. I wish they would just STOP having it open after every…single… game. Totally unnecessary. We can always open it ourselves from main screen. If all quests, including club quest are done, what’s the purpose of it opening at all?! Geez, do these people not play their own game and see how ridiculous and annoying stuff like this is?


This delay waiting for the continue button to appear is very frustrating for all on my team too. We have statted hitting the back button to get past it faster, especially if we know we haven’t completed a quest yet.

I feel the same way. I’m dreading the fact that I get my free play tonight. It’s just so slow I just want to log off. I hate it.

Instead of waiting for the “Continue” button to show up, just press the back button on your phone and it skips the quest progress page.


What do you mean by “back button”? I don’t have a back button.

I still get the mini ads. So does everyone on my team. Started with the latest update.

@Crystal_Carlisle, I really hope that doesn’t last long for you and your team. I am so happy that is not happening to me anymore! (whew)

The back button on your phone/device. Not in game.

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Mine is constantly hanging
If I complain I just get the standard cut and paste reply that it’s all my shstrm’s fault

Interestingly since joining the forum for the treasure hunt the game has started to crash all the time

No idea what to do because they just ignore me

I forgot all about the back button on my phone! I used to use that all the time when we only had 30 minutes to complete a quest. Didn’t even have time to <> go to the little girls room lol

Thank you @Mexieskimo !!

You must have android device. I don’t have a back button on my iphone

Magically the Continue button started loading first this morning. However, the quest order got shuffled around and now Club Quest is at the end. No time to scroll over to see your progress in time.
And got 30 second forced ad on me this morning.
One step forward, two steps back. Sigh.

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Continue Button, awesome now, Iv noticed those ads on my phone, but not tablet, of course I have 2 players I’m addicted, lol and yes those pop up adds are irritating.

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