Live, Learn, & Love!!!

Hey there :two_hearts:

Team #Awesomesauce is a platinum/diamond club looking to welcome new teammates that love the game for solitaire, stress relief downtime, & fun time with virtual friends/family :purple_heart:

:sparkles: If you’re committed to learning & trying new things, don’t think you don’t deserve a chance to check us out! Come visit us for at least 1 full round to see if you feel ready to grow forward :sparkles:

:spades: We don’t encourage waste/ dependency on objects/materials!

:arrow_right: This home is best fit for those that have the skills & ability to play around the challenges to always earn more than spend, or would like to learn how.

:diamonds:We don’t require forced wins/coin waste to maintain a full time cool volcano (or dig comps).

:arrow_right: Best fit for those who know & commit to clearing all loaded tribute levels and/or the need to play in main islands every gold star chest collection so that the volcano isn’t looking for attention from the players NOT following this practice.
(Dig is voluntary and best effort)

:clubs: All quests are priority when active, unless maxed.

:arrow_right: Best fit for those who accept quests as the challenges they are for teamwork and not selective by what can be rewarded, but looking for that team-based environment and driven team culture.

:heart: Numbers next to names do not provide identity.

:arrow_right: Best fit for those able to maintain mutual respect and never make assumptions on others. We focus on best effort so that quests remain fun and not like chores.

We do not keep members that believe top points alone is all that would keep them in our home without genuine teamwork, but we do keep members that may have a need to sit on the bench a moment while we back them up while life needs prioritized.

:triangular_flag_on_post: If you believe there is only “one way” to play, our home is not best fit for you.

If you believe name lists/callouts are “needed” our home is not best fit for you.

If you’re looking for more than 1-2 quest daily, while accepting we may at times lose 5% of them, we’re not best fit.