Limited player removal???

Why is there a limit to the number of people that can be removed/day? Trying to get a newish club up and running and getting active players is a pain. Add in not being able to remove more than 15-20/day makes it even harder. Especially on day 1 of a new week :tired_face:

Yikes!! That’s alot to remove! Would it be easier to just start a new club? I’ve heard that it takes 24hrs to restart the kick feature

I know it but no one wants to read mottos anymore. I have a fairly simple motto. No guests (but I give them plenty of time to change to a name), 1k before they go idle for the first time, 20k for the week and 15 hr max idle. I don’t think it’s that bad since I’ve been in groups with a lot stricter rules before. But this morning i had people joining up and going idle immediately. All morning! Now I have 8 people that are idle and haven’t played at all since joining :rage::rage::rage:

That’s terrible!!! Best of luck to you!!

That is super frustrating, we are doing the same trying to build a top 100 team. Seven of us left a team and started anew. We are the “lazy bunch” if you would like to combine forces!

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I know the feeling crystal