'Let's Just Play' - looking for committed player/s

Let’s just play is looking to recruit a committed daily player to complement its existing team. We are mid/upper platinum league who always get perks 1 to 6 and 7 when the requirement is not too crazy!

We don’t have too many rules but we do ask that you:-

  • Score in excess of 3500 daily (1k b4 1st idle)
  • Play without fail every day, inform us in advance of
    any play difficulties or if 24hr idle
  • Complete team quests, Tribute trapper a must!
  • Competition is not a requirement, but if you enter
    You must dig with the team!
  • Using chat is a must, we don’t expect chit chat but
    communication is a two way thing in order to

All rules can be found on the club notice board together with competition notes. Please only join if you enjoy playing as part of a team and can at least use chat to respond back when spoken to, after all its only polite.

Look forward to seeing you on the team!

We have a place free this week


Trying to find you guys, theres so many though! I think id be a perfect fit for your club.

We would like to invite you to Teamplay Tikis. 21k/week, CQs, 3k/day to get all Perks, etc. No stress - promise. Excellent team and we’re looking for a few fun players to join.

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Hi Chenoa, thanks for responding, if you still looking for a team we are the platinum Let’s just play team, I don’t think there are any other teams in that league. if you send me an invite I do have a opening coming up

Hope to see you