Let club members share coins with each other

This would go over well i believe

What are your thoughts? :nerd_face:


I would also like to share my own personal coins. You know that you can give and receive free help coins, right?


Yah i get my 60,000 every night :+1:t2::crazy_face:
but i play till every coin is spent, while some members have literally millions of coins. It would just be nice to keep everyone in play by being able to share :thinking:


How do you do that ?

@Jeni_Johnson, here is a post on sharing coins:

Player Hints and Tips - Asking Friends for Help

I think it would be great if when you ask for help with coins your team member should be the ones you get them from ,not the people on your friend list .that way you are working more as a team :blush:


Myślę, że nie dostaniesz korzyści z questu, jeśli nie “przyczynisz się”. Nie sądzę, żebyś musiał max, po prostu przyczynił się do wygrania questa.:grinning::grin::smiley:

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I agree but, I can not get my team to read my notes. I want their fb name so, i can ask them.

Our team has a Facebook page and most of us have joined and then friended each other to trade coins…i

I think it would be awesome if we could give or gift our personal coins also!! I can send group club gifts but like for a Birthday or something it would be nice to send something to one person! :blush::blush::blush::blush:


@Jennifer_Davis, I love that idea, and have suggested it myself! Have you officially suggested that, using the Help button in the game? If not, do it! Do it now! Lol


Put your info on the club notes n say something

I never get 20 helps from friends free coins. It only gives me 19 every time.

This would be phenomenal. Always wondered why it’s not an option.


I love this idea! Any chance TriPeaks Gods are listening?


@Pisces-Mama, I wouldn’t count on it, the best thing we could do is submit a ticket and suggest it. If we all do that, they might hear us :slight_smile: