Leaders promoting co leaders/leaders

Have any other leaders had issues with the buttons to “remove” promote to co leader” and “promote to leader”? I swear the game changed the arrangement of these buttons. There used to be only two. Yesterday I accidentally promoted a new member to leader instead of co leader. When I asked the game to change it they told me that they could not. Even though they can see I’ve been leader since I started the club I’m 2017. Maddening! I think they need to make it harder to promote to leader rather than just one tap of the finger. Like ask a secondary question “are you sure you want to promote”. Heck, they do it when we don’t want to pay to win shovels in the dig.

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I actually didn’t check, we have been the same leader and coleaders for 6 years now. I’ve accidentally removed a player before! You are right they should have an, are you sure button pop up.


It’s crazy to ask us a secondary question like “end game” and “do you really want to end game” buttons on the dig. But nothing to remove or promote members. The difference is one makes them money.

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