Leader questions

Has anyone figured out how many “removes” you get in a given time? There is a limit of people you can remove in a time frame but I was wondering if anyone knows that number.


20 a day is the limit but sometimes if you wait a few hours it wil let you remove more. I know what a nightmare it can be especially when you have new members who join and instantly go idle or the name "guest " gets me every time!


Raise the level that can join. I did that because we were catching all the newbies who had under 1000 points at the end of the week. I feel guilty but they didn’t deserve the win. Now I realize the 3 that replaced them got the rewards. Now I am thinking of making it private since we have a super core group.
I have tried asking folks to pic a nic. I know they read the chat because it is human nature to look. But some just won’t.

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I’m not sure I need to dip 2 players but trying to find 3 players to replace with hard at this part in week any ideas on how best way to do it is there a list of non club members you could invite if not there’s and idea even if they want to be fillings for week or something I’llml

Can you set to invite only