Keep getting booted out of the game after 20 seconds.

A few weeks ago I would get booted out of game after watching an ad and have to rejoin the game. Then a few weeks ago, I was booted out after about 20 seconds. Then one day it worked properly and I was able to let my team know I was having problems. That was last Thursday and since then I can’t type a message or play a game with out getting booted out of the game. I am afraid to uninstall and reinstall as not sure how I would come back at my current level and find my team again. Any suggestions?


WhAt type of device are you playing on? Do you play the game threw Facebook?

  • I play on iPad and do not use Facebook, Iv uninstalled the app lots of times it’s linked threw the IP address on the device I use, I go to App Store and reload it, my player is still in the team and coins and everything come back.
    Hope this helps, good luck

Try upgrading before Uninstalling. Several of our Teammates have been having problems since Thurs. night at reset. Upgrading the game helped most of them. I have had to upgrade twice and finally Uninstalled and Reinstalled. We have members on our Team on Facebook and some not. Uninstalling did not lose anything.


Thank you. It worked. I hadn’t tried as thought I would lose all.


Thanks, so much. Back to playing. I use a kindle.


Elaine, glad you were able to get back in the action! smiley:

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I could not find the game in the App Store! Want to do the same thing! I Pad have 2 clubs on one! Go back & worth! But kicked me off listing the game & points! I reset the I Pad but thurs& fri it will kick you off 20 times! Kate 4444

Did you try to search for it? Use magnifying glass at bottom of screen.

In the App Store I just type tripeaks in the search bar lots of games pop up but it is usually in the 1st 10 listed.
When I find it it has a cloud by it and I just tap the cloud and its reinstalled …good luck