KatyP Crew looking for 1 fierce player!

:two_hearts::grinning:KatyP Crew!:grinning::two_hearts:

A friendly, competitive team looking for ONE great addition for 2 weeks. Platinum and Diamond tournament

. We win ALL CQ’s and ALL perks everytime. We’ve only lost 4 CQ’s since January.

Currently Platinum

• Goldie by Friday
• Perk 1-2-6-5-3-4
• No dig
• Must max cq’s
• 7k+ a day minimum score (will be 10k+ for diamond)
• BIG TRIBBERS only: Over 1% tributes (10+ tribs per 1,000 cp’s)
• Must communicate
• NO bottom dwellers

Are you still looking?

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Not sure if my reply sent successfully, but YES we are looking for 1 please request in KatyP Rockstars. KatyP Crew is currently our rest team.