Karatiki Rescue Mission

I have the Karatiki Rescue mission on my iOS device and it counts towards club points (says it’s a special feature this time). Others in my group either have the regular (doesn’t count for CP’s) mission or none at all (one Android user). Anyone else experiencing issues?

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I am an iOS user and I do NOT have it, but a member of my team dose and it counts points …
Hopefully they keep it that way more people would play.


Most of my team has it, and it’s counting club points. I dont have it, and I’m frustrated. Just random who gets it or not?

Same here …I no longer have a rescue mission but my friends do

It seems to be completely random and quite frustrating. I’m happy they finally listened to at least some feedback we have given thousands of times but at the same time, it’s very frustrating when they cannot get it to work for all. I cannot imagine the amount of work they make for themselves by only rolling out features to certain accounts.

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Especially when the app/play stores show it as part of the updates!

TriPeaks (and many other games I’ve found), do testing on certain features before releasing it to everybody. Can you imagine what would happen if they released it to everybody at once, and there was a problem with it? They would get millions of trouble tickets at the same time!

Those that have it, should use it, to let them know we like it! It would also be good to send a feedback note to support telling them how much we like it! Do this the same way you would a trouble ticket… tap on your profile pic (top left corner), then Help, then Contact us.

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I understand your point but it if they just put a note on the announcement stating that they’re testing it out, it would go a long, long, long way. But that is asking too much from these developers. Pre-Sony developers at least cared about the community and it showed.

About a year ago they asked the community “how to improve” the app. Many suggestions were made and this was one that was made a lot - they know we like it. Just like they knew we wanted the Match game brought back and they did it but have stopped again (I guess too many of us liked it too much).

I’m not interested, personally, in contacting support to say thank you for finally listening to ONE of the hundreds of suggestions made. I’m not saying that others shouldn’t, only that I will not. Thank you for the suggestion though.


I’m on an iPhone & don’t have it. Some on my Team have CP & others don’t.

VERY frustrating

I could understand that if it wasn’t mentioned in the update from the app stores. Previously it wasn’t.

They announced it …it’s small print and they are calling it SPECIAL…see left side of picture…
I also believe it was in my inbox


I am an IOS user and members of my team had it counted toward their club points, I did not :confused:

Wie…??? Das wäre schön wenn die Rettungsmission auch Cluppunkte gibt. Aber das hat keiner bei uns im Club, Die wollen leider auch nur Geld verdienen, gibt ja immer weniger. Schatzkombo ist auch weg usw., einfach traurig…!

I get rolling out to a few in order to work out any bugs. And totally understand. However, testing shouldn’t take over a year! Example: they use ‘testing’ as the excuse for why some players get 1000 coins every 20 minutes and others get 3000. How is that fair or equal to the players getting less? Kind of frustrating.

@Polarbear829, the every 20 minutes free coins is based on how many perks are completed.

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If by chance you are speaking of the friend share threw the game, and not the 20min coin collect you mention in your post.(as I believe you have them mixed up)
You can search the word friend share in the upper right corner by pressing the magnifying glass :mag: looking thing, you will find this test has been ongoing for some time there are lots of posters and comments. But I have seen nothing from tripeaks saying it’s over or what there doing with it.
I’m just thankful they are FREE coins and they add up if you collect them!
Best of luck to you.