it's no longer a game folks.. it's a movie

Really studying the stats and the cards. Too many statistical anamolies. You are no longer playing a game of chance where skill helps. The games are scripted. The cards from the deck continue thier pre-decided outcome.

Wildcards on sale? Every “win” is replaced with “oops 1 card left”. Doesn’t matter what you did? which paths you chose. Nah… they have implemented logic that controls the outcome of each and every game.

When the game ends only a wildcard, booster, or volcano can change thier predetermined outcome.

You are not playing a card game anymore. Strategy is so simple. Pay to win… or lose.

If you have not been infected then know it’s coming. Already has containinated 75% of my club. The Tripeaks Greedy pandemic of 2020.

You are watching a video… the luck is gone. No longer a game. So sad.

I have the proof.


I thought you were leaving the game?


I’d like to see the proof.


I think you need to analyze what you are actually doing, why do you insist on playing the game when you clearly are dissatisfied with it?
You move to the forum to voice your opinion.
Players pitched in and gave you some advice.
It’s supposed to be fun.


Exactly. It is supposed to be fun. Well said. And it used to be. Not anymore.

What am I doing? As a leader I am being the voice for my club who is dismayed and horrified that we all have to leave the game as it is no longer… yep you guessed it… FUN!


All I can think of to say in answer to that is Wow!!w

Im a new player and Ive noticed it. Its soooo hard to win because the cards don’t match up, and the only thing you can do is just leave the hand. I once spent 6000, then 9000 and I don’t even remember what number comes next trying to get rid of 1 card, nothing. Time and coins wasted. Another time something magical happened using a booster and everything just disappeared where I was left with 1 card face up and 15 to get rid of it. Went through all the cards, nothing… I was like what the heck is this.

Dont frivolously spend 6000 and 9000 coins to buy more cards. That’s the fastest way to drain your coins

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