Is your volcano crazy or is it just mine?

Anyone having this problem?
…I play on a low level team, with the only rule is playing a few times a week.
We have some daily players there Iv been there almost a year and never had the volcano erupt…
Well it happened!
The only thing I can see is in the last month or 2 we’ve added new players, some of which have 0 tributes, I’m guessing some of the rising is caused by this,


Same. Pretty much exactly (new players, some never tribute). Trying to figure out and found your post. Only been playing for 3 months now but seems to have become much harder to keep it cooled the last few weeks.

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When one of our member plays non-stop and quickly along with other members, our volcano rises quickly. She’ll give us a warning beforehand though so we’re not alarm; she will also generate tributes to make sure it does not go over half way.

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That awesome you get a warning from her.
I can put on points quickly and do that but do play tributes as a percent of my score. Sometimes my wins are better on non tributes rounds but I play some every time I get on as I fell it’s part of the teamwork aspect to feed the volcano.
Maybe I’ll have to try that shout out thing,
I don’t fell it’s just me making the volcano rise tho, as I’m feeding it threw my playing???

***im not getting any comments on other teams and a crazy volcano so I’m guessing it has to do with our teamwork towards tributes… amen it has been staying under 1/2 this week and Iv noticed others trying to get tributes after many post in chat so maybe they are reading it just not commenting.

Need to move up leagues


everyone needs to get Tributes. we have a minimum of 100. works good

Yes we are having the same problem but we have plenty of tributes. We notice some don’t register or even move the level down. Some times the tributes don’t go into the volcano they go off to the side so watch for that then report on the help area.


I’ve played for over 3 years and mine have erupted twice and almost a 3rd time in the past 8 days!


I have noticed tributes not counting towards the tributes club quest and reported that…(they said they will look into it🤷🏻‍♀️)
But I’m not going in after every tribute game to make sure they are getting added. ….I guess I haven’t noticed what you ar3 talking about them flying away, I’ll pay closer attention.ty

Do you feel it’s player related, ?
Or just a game glitch?

Why do u say that?
I like the idea of little to no rules that our club has…
Like I said I only like to play that game a few times a week.

Volcano rises by points the team gets. The more points the higher it gets. So if one is getting tributes and others are just getting points it’s not gonna go down. The others not getting tributes are working against the one that is so is wasting that persons tributes. Several need to be on it together.

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