Is everyone receiving The CLUB GIFT once 10 players have activated in Club Shop I get the daily one there but never had the club gift since it started TIA Help With Web Shop Gift

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Yes, we get them when 10 members complete the activation. Though it pops up the reminder for it, our members will still send how many more is needed, in our chat. There are times not enough member activates it, so we do miss out on it. Have you reached out to support about not getting it? If not, let them know via their chat through the game.

Never got 1, what is in it when it’s open

It’s random, like daily gift, but requires 10 members to unlock.


I yet haven’t gotten this bc we can’t get 10 ppl to claim! Its ridiculous!

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Come and join Wintry Springs, we can all help each other out. We are a winning team also. We do tributes and the dig and boat race and stars.

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I don’t have the Club Gift on the web page at all. A teammate screen shot me her page. It has a list on the top left that comes up if you hit the 3 lines at the top right of the web page. Her page has the club gift listed. Mine doesn’t. Also, I can pick up the free gift for myself, but it never shows up in my inbox. It seems as though FB thinks I have 2 accounts, but I don’t. Don’t know what to do to fix it.

I am having the same issue not being able to see the free club gift. Were you able to grt it resolved?

No. I can pick up the daily free gift, but it never shows up in my game inbox. I still can’t even see the club gif that 10 people are supposed to claim. I still think the problem is the FB thinks I have 2 accounts, but I haven’t been able to find more than one. I have a name of someone to ask in the TriPeaks chat groups on Messenger. I just haven’t had time to get in touch with him. Sorry I can’t be of any help.

Weirdly, I see several people have replied to my post in this forum. Your reply is the first that has shown up in my feed.