Is anybody else missing their Rewards

Has anybody else made her purchased and then they asked for the receipt number and wants to purchase goes through they don’t have a receipt number


Yes this has happened to mw twice now. Once just now. It takes 2 days to get what you purchased at time. Very big bummer

It has been almost a week now and i got the coins but not the other rewards i was supposed to get and said some to them and they want a number on the order but talk to xsolla i have had no problem with scoreply or whatever it is called i have no problem with them but never again will i purchase ANYTHING again with the tripeaks site again but thanks for the information though thank u and have a great day

Did you report this to Customer Service?

I experienced this too.

What customer service?
It seems to be non existent…

You don’t know how to find them, or you found them, but can’t count on them?

Yes, all the time😞 And also when i play plinko , i get charged for what are supposed to be “FREE DROPS”; like yeah, right…

There is no customer service all it has is a bunch of questions and I tried doing that and it won’t let me do it that way either I haven’t been getting them for like 2 weeks now only if I pay I get what I pay for