I'm thinking I need to change clubs

OK, I’m thinking I need to change clubs… Not super competitive, but apparently some on my current team think I am because I have the time to play often and really like playing! Currently average 40k +/week, mostly play tributes, 23x club champ, max out all CQs, use Chat.


There are a few clubs that posted looking for players, have a peek?


We might be a bit too low level for you, but at 40k you would be challenging for top 3 in Going Up. We normally get Perks 1 through 5 but, with your help, we could get all 6. Would be glad to have you.

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Hi we are a platinum club ‘Let’s just play’ we always get perks 1 -6 and 7 when not too challenging. Looking for a daily player who scores 3500 + daily, completes club quests etc. You sound like a good fit score wise etc, check us out if interested send me a request.

Hi I’m from Ohio Cleveland area! Live in Georgia now! ANGEL STARS is our club! Need persons that chat! Four of us started it in February! Please come join us Kathleen

you should be targeting a Platinum or maybe even a Diamond level club.

Tiki bar has opening, always get 6 perks, & sometimes the bonus. Solid platinum club, minimum 3k per day, check us out and send a request to join

Team Wanderberry
We are growing / rebuilding . If you would like to take a look.
Only rules are play every day, do tributes, with a 24 hour max idle. No crazy limits.

Tiki wiki needs a couple of players. Check us out or email me Palaupete@gmail.com for questions.

@OhioAnnee ‘Play Everyday’would love to have you! We’re a fun group with a family feel- come check us out! PS there are multiple groups with this name… look for the one with Martha as the leader

Try us. Platinum team. 5k/day. Key Largo.

Icy Peaks is a top diamond team, competitive but not crazy. Well, crazy and fun in chat. The weekly min is 35K (5K daily). CQs required, rest team available for vacays or persanal breaks. We are always looking for a team player, and can add at reset.

Come to 2nd Best Player…love to have you join us!

Hi Annie,
We are a diamond league team with great long time members. We always get all perks. We are a friendly group with a min of 40k. Sounds like you would be a great addition. Our team is Across the Pond. Hope to hear from you!

Play Smarter could use a good player. 7000/day, communicate in chat, do quests, do tributes.

I’d recommend the “honest play” club.

OhioAnne, I am a 30+ club champ, also leader of "Hanging Out " club. We could use you in our group.

You are more then welcome to check us out.
Tikis 3 Angles. If you think you can meet our goal of 55k a week. Come see us. We get all 7 perks every week. We need a strong player. Not one who will come on get 3k and go idle for 18hrs. Hope to hear from you doon

Exotic Empire is looking

Try club Sol…we can use you as long as you produce…you wont be sorry