Im new, I've been playing for several months

Hi, I’m new to the forum and the game. I’ve been playing for a several months :blush: and I’m definitely addicted to say the least lol. I’ve been playing and addicted to solitaire since I was little. If anyone can give me any tips and knowledge about Tripeaks, I’d greatly appreciate it :blush: Thanks so much

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Join a club, it helps with accumulating coins

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@Lynec51 I have but I’m not for sure if it’s helped

Come join Such is Life. We have members who have been around a while and we are happy to share what we know:). It is invite so if you decide to let me know your user name Good luck!!


Thank you! I have another account that my son uses in the club I’m in lol I’ve gotten him into the game :grin: But I’ve played it too so to help build up our points

Just have fun and meet new people along the way


Thanks :grin: does y’all’s group talk to each other? Mine doesn’t

No not really. I just like chatting. So every once in awhile i come across someone who likes to chat also. I enjoy meeting new people from other places and learning

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Oh, ok :slight_smile:

Tina how ya doing
hope you r having fun

Doing good, thanks. You?