IF you were smart!....

IF you were smart you would definitely rethink and adjust your current response to players. We all get you want to make money. To make money you have to drive people to want to spend money. Make it advantageous for them to spend money. Instead you continue to move forward with plans as you always have without listening to players. realize that at this moment in time you can be seen as leading thinkers
You are at a divergent point in history. In the wake of the covert 19 pandemic, mass hysteria, and ordered self isolation’s around the globe you are beginning a seven day quest for players to play that you know is going to suck coins from us. Many people are off of work and afraid about money and trying to pass time it easy ways that are not costly. The companies and people who will receive recognition over this time and for the next months will be the ones that showed kindness and compassion. Locally in the USA small restaurants provide free sack meals for kids who can’t go to school who are food insecure. Corporations companies and businesses that are providing relief like a paid time program Lab will be getting accolades for months to come. You starting a quest that is designed to suck coins probably isn’t the best idea. I would recommend you do something a little out of the box that benefits you and your players. The one time I see lots of my friends and teammates spend real money is during double gifting. It benefits the players who buys in coin return and gives the teammates something as well. Doing that right now every day and giving it to a different charity that helps the little common people like us would look much better. Whatever meal programs for children and elderly would be a good start. And this is an every country not just the USA. You could be seen as a compassionate and caring company who benefits the little people as well as your players. Just food for thought!


Shame shame shame! I see we have double club gifts but it’s not profits for any charity in this dire time! You better start acting in a more humanitarian way!


Hi @Sparkythemagicpiano, I understand your frustration, and sorry that the game is not meeting your expectations.

A couple things to think about - it’s not new that the double gifts don’t go to a charity - sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed over the years that I’ve been playing.

As far as having a 7 day quest, I was so impressed that on this particular event, for the first time, they didn’t make it an all or nothing thing like it has been in the past. Did you notice you get a prize of you complete 3 events? I personally thought that was a great option, and hope they do that more often!


As I too enjoyed this.
Thinking if I choose not to play the treasure hunt if it was offered I could still get 1 chest.


We have several players in our club that won’t do the scavenger hunts. This one is great because they still get to participate and get a reward. @CindyLu @Tasha.