Ice hotel needs new dedicated daily players to help rebuild club

My team ice hotel is looking for new daily players after sadly weve lost a lot of players :frowning: A few went off for life breaks & sadly rest of team didn’t stick around as we were no longer a full team :frowning: So we need to rebuild :frowning:

We understand life gets in the way but as long as you communicate we’ll do our best to accommodate this as long as it’s not taken for granted :wink: we have a FB group for pms if need be :wink:

All we ask in return is you play daily, max your share when we have enough players, especially tributes THIS IS OUR MUST CQ! We do most CQ BUT not all the silky reward ones! Get min of 10k But ideally 15k+ but most well exceed this & it’s a strict 1k b4 first idle /24max idle time unless communicated as above!

We do dig but it’s optional & if could stop club doing I would :wink: If you do qualify it’s a strict 6 shovel min rule or you’ll be removed! But CQ MUST BE MAXED B4 digging :wink: Communicate & only work on open holes! Etc :wink:

Send over your invite

We look forward to welcoming you to our family

Bump still looking for new team mates