I want to play, new club needed

Hi, I’m in need for a new club. Not currently in one. Club points; min 30k best 64k. Would love-a diamond club to get back to getting gems, strong leadership, and active fellow players. Thank you for your consideration


@Cae Dutch fun club has a opening, just moved to diamond League, we are invite only so just send a request


Caticorns i staryed a new group and have a new spot open we are active and have been finishing in first we are now in stone league and a close second we are also done with 2 of our perks and almost done with our 3rd

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Thank you, I’ll send request now


@Cae accepted request :smiley:

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Crazy Perk Team are looking for players after rollover

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Club Zen. We’d be happy to have you. Platinum league. Working towards diamond league.

No Scruples is looking for players with a30k minimum. We all get along great and love to chat.

Hi Cae. The Kiowa Club needs a couple new members.
We are an Ambitious Club. Non-players eliminated after three days.
Otherwise we have fun with the Perk Celebrations.

Hi there!

I just started a fresh club for regular players.

Minimum expectations are 10 tributes each day and average 1000 club points per day. An idle 18 hours gets someone booted if they didn’t leave us a note.

Many players will contribute much more than that, but that’s the expectation.

Would love to see you at
Lyn’s Uk aLe

Hi there!
Not sure you found yourself a club yet; if not try out Brits r Us 1. We are not Diamond but there’s some competition. Need more strong players to balance us out. Hope you consider us.

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Well I think you’d enjoy being part of Awesomeness. We currently are a top Platinum club and with a full team we’d be right back in the Diamond league. We are currently looking for 2 new teammates. Our wkly minimum requirements are 24.5K/245 tributes with most teammates averaging 40‐100K along with maxing dly club quests. We ask that you just communicate if you can’t play or are unable to meet minimums. We get it that life sometimes totally gets in our way and doesn’t always let us have the free time we want to play. We’re a chatty group but that’s not a must. Both the leader & myself are available through messenger for our teammates if folks want a more private chat. We are their for each other and enjoy sharing tips, laughs & are appreciative of the hard work of each and every player. For players who are interested we share coins via Facebook. We get all 7 perks and prefer to get Perk 6 ASAP to take advantage of Golden Tiki Man for the remainder of the week. If this sounds like a good fit for you click on over to AWESOMENESS & check us out.

Hi, we r a 5k per day club but understand that everyone has lives so u can make up the 5k the day before or after, we r looking good to move to diamond league this week and always complete all perks. If we have a full team we normally complete 99% of club quests. We are calles contributors and would love for you to join us, thanks Debbie

Smoking Perks currently has a 15k weekly minimum. We have one spot available now, but most likely a couple of more are coming up really soon. We are trying to get back to finishing all Perks weekly and are close. Just send invite if interested

Cowboys has an opening

We are a former diamond and legend club looking for active players. We started a new club this week so we could take it a little easier for summer. We’re called “Our Tiki Family” we would love to have you if you are an active player. Please find us and send a request to join and we will add you. Our goal is to rise fairly quickly.

Just wondering if you have landed a club yet? Brits r us 1 still needs good players. Let me know one way or another.

TexasT is a Platinum club. Daily Play is a must. We are a fun active team. You will be treated with Texas Southern Hospitality. Send a request and I will accept.
Blondie/Leader :palm_tree:

Hi Cae…find club yet? Im leader of UnoPlayers…must do 3000 daily 10 tribs n club quest. 24 hr idle w/ochat n removed. Love for u tocheck us out!!:wink:

Join Winners Only. We are a public Platinum League club. We were in Diamond League until last week. New members must earn 2,000 before idle.