I need a new club

I’m looking for a new club as my team are either constantly idle or just not pulling their weight. I’m active everyday, I join in on club quests and I earn points.
This week I’ve earned 9,101 club points
Lifetime 516,085
I’m at level 658
And I’m 15th on the leaderboard at the moment.
If anyone wants a new player please let me know.

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Shelley. We would love to have you take a look at us. NotAnotherDime. Hope you will be interested in us

Thank you I’ll look now x

I can’t seem to find you. I’m in perknation#1 if you can find me

You can join our club #LOVE. I have a co-leader who keeps things pretty active.

Shelley, if you haven’t found a new club home, I’d love to have you check out our club Island Tyme.

Hiya have you found a club yet?

I amlooking! Please wait on ms

I found theclub but you see not thee. Guess I missed you.