I Love digging!

Hi. Looking for a new club. Play club quest,try to get tributes and love digging! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: old team didn’t care if members qualified but then didn’t dig but still claimed the gems…that’s not teamwork to me! :confused: give me a shout if you have room for a lil un! :partying_face:


Give Team Party One a try - we love to dig, we have a good system and we care about whether you dig if you qualify!

Try Just Play we welcome new players

Come check out treasure chase. We’re big on teamwork. Flexible requirements. I’m leader there & I do require anyone who qualifies to dig. High Gold (occasionally low Platinum) club. We get at least five perks a week & finish most club quests. :slightly_smiling_face:

Full Boat needs a few good players who will dig if qualifying to do so. Plus daily quests.

We would luv to have you. Brand new team. Name is zee. Open to public come on over

You sound perfect for Crater. Gold\Platinum league. Public right now. Come give it a try.

Try Nana’s Natives. We are a high gold club and sometimes lower platinum that LOVE to dig!! I have had this club since 2016 and some of our folks have been here for years. Family comes first and as long as you chat and let us know while you will be out, etc. we understand. Being a team player is very important. Give us a try!

Come to Group Fun we will come to have you

TheGreatEscape… it’s new but I’m interested in the same kind of club members;)