I love a challenge but impossible to win games SUCK!!!

I love a challenge, but make the quests more challenging and don’t rig the games so that you have to use perks to win. I went through 50,000. coins and only won 2 games that didn’t involve wild or volcano cards. It’s just no fun being a loser.


Some weeks I find the games are hard to win and sometimes they are easy. This is only in my opinion, but if the game was too easy, then it wouldn’t be fun! There has to be a balance and I’m sure that’s a challenge for the GSN team. They get complaints from both sides. I use boosters, but I have yet to run out of boosters or coins. TriPeaks has worked very hard to give us multiple opportunities to earn coins and boosters. But like I said, this is my opinion.


I’m sure your right and I’m just having one of those weeks, but wow you never run out of boosters or coins I run out of both daily. And yes I watch the videos and have friends on FB. But even on a good week I lose 3 or 4 games for every one I win. Maybe it’s me that sucks, lol.


I hear you! But when I am on a bad playing streak, I don’t buy more cards, and save my boosters. Sometimes it’s just better to ride it out when It gets difficult, because you will get that streak when it is win win win!


Kokua… I totally agree!!! Some days I just fly through and think wooohoooo… and then the next day… boooohooooo… BUT I find the lucky streaks certainly outweigh the bad!


I was able to save up a stash early on, but I’m also a conservative player. I earn about 40,000 club points per week. This week has been really busy, so I haven’t played as much. I’m still meeting my club minimums, but not much more. In fact, my coins have grown this week by about 200,000. Strange I know, but not complaining. Lol


Me too @Kokua, because I haven’t been able to play as much as usual the last few days, my wallet is looking good. It not easy to balance how much you can play & making points, but that’s really what we have to do