I Lost my Club!!!!

I have been in a Club for months and I was fixing my Grandson something to eat and he got ahold of my Game and took me out of my club and I need to know if there is a way I can find out what my clubs name is?

@Bonnied102764, first thing you should try is - in the game, tap on your profile pic, top left corner, then if the blue FB box says log in, tap on that, and see if it takes you back into your game and club.

Hopefully, that works! Keep us posted!

@Bonnied102764 It’s happened to me before as well and I for the life of me could not remember my club name once I started scrolling through the clubs. I never did find my club. Now there is the new add friends option in the top right corner of your game. My club mates all added each other there so it will be easy to find my club by searching their profiles. Do you have any team mates in your friends?

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@Bonnied102764 if you don’t find your club, you are more than welcome to join my club “No Drama”. We have a couple of spots open right now. I love my club and my team members. There is a lot of support for each other. When you stay a while and play your best, you are promoted to co-leader. Our leader cares about our players and wants us to have as much input on how we play as he does. It’s really cool.

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