How to keep all players motivated?

Hi everyone,
I am interested to hear tips from other leaders on how to keep the team motivated. Mostly we work as a team but the top let’s say 15 players are tired of doing all the work while the bottom 10 reap the benefits.
The bottom 10 always reach quota but only just and are never more than 15 hours idle (although some come close then log on play a little bit then go idle again). I had to make one of my players a co-leader (a trusted friend) to monitor these players while I slept.

Last week we just missed out on the special perk. We had ample time to finish it (4 days ) but it was the same players again working on it. Now the top players have become less motivated and I don’t blame them because I have a little as well.

How do other leaders cope with this? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hope someone has some good tips! We could use help also


I was really looking forward to reading the responses on this post also

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I guess all clubs are having the same problems. :slight_smile:

In our club, with a 25,000 point requirement, we know that we can get all 6 perks, and the special (7th) perk, if it only takes 85,000, 250,000 and maybe a 500,000 point perk if our members have time. When we know we are not going to get the 7th perk, we bank coins, level up, whatever everyone feels like doing.

You have to set your minimum according to what you, as a team, or as a leader, wants to accomplish.

Our club, with a 25,000 point minimum, can count on 625,000 points a week (25,000 x 25). But because we have members who regularly earn more than minimum, I know we can earn up to 1,100,000 points without being stressed (on a good week - when no one is sick or on vacation… which happens)

If you want to get a 7th perk worth 750,000, or 1,000,000 points, you’ll have to adjust your minimum accordingly.

Personally, I’d rather have a club that has fun, and no stress. :slight_smile:


We hold contests, set goals, say if weekly minimums is 25k, to be entered in the contest those that get 15k by day 3 gets entered in a random draw for a bank week, we find having contests are helping, unfortunately we still get those that only get minimum and don’t bother with quests it’s a matter of removing whom are not fit for our team, sooner or later you’ll get a great bunch of 25!


Thanks I like those ideas. :slight_smile:

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I had same issue with my team. First I pointed out in team rules that they are MINIMUMS not GOAL.
Secondly, I added a new rule stating if you are consistently in bottom 3 rank, then you aren’t a team player and will be booted. That mostly fixed it.


Cool thanks Crystal. I like the ‘consistently in bottom 3 rank’ bit :slight_smile:

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I do Leaderboard Challenges most weeks and reward with gift from the shop which I award at start of next event, so that those who may be “booted” dont benefit from something they didnt contribute to. I ve done " most improved player of the week" and rewarded with honorary co leader status, letting them pick the next perk order. I design games around what i m wanting the team to achieve. If its more tributes I might do a simple quiz but they have to collect 5 tributes BEFORE answering. Also asking the team to comment READ in chat when posting messages etc works well.
The most successful game i used was a Ping Pong type game
I d comment Ping with a number then whoever was that number on leaderboard had 12 hours to score 1000pts/10 tributes before replying Pong. I was able to target low scorers and then rewarded if I had 5 “pongs” returned. Good luck x


Thanks. I did try a club challenge this week. It worked but unfortunately didn’t motivate the bottom players. :slight_smile:

I am a new club leader here, but I ran a club for several years on a different game and plan to motivate players similarly here.

My 2 cents: you have to start by forming relationships with players. People that feel friendships will not only play more but also be willing to put in that extra time to win a challenge/perk when you occassionally ask them too. You have to decide how competitive you want your group. The more competitive, the less leeway you can give. People that want to play high stakes will find you or you can recruit, and those that do not will get weeded out. As a leader, you have to set the pace as well, so be sure to be in the top players of your club. Lastly, gifting is a great way to say thanks. Like @Sarah_Batham when I buy gift boxes I boot any players that I felt don’t deserve it before I purchase them. (My club allows 2 days inactivity so sometimes there is a player at the end of the tournament that is at that 2 days, but I didn’t boot before tournament end because I didn’t want to lose their club point contributions).

Mostly I find that being active in chat, helping players, and just making friends is the best motivation.


Love your ideas!!!

I started a new club approx 5 or 6 weeks ago and have been looking for ideas to motivate and really like what u have come up with. I am having difficulty coming up with rewards I can give a winner of any challenge I did use the one where the person got to set perks and I have bought gifts for the club. Do u mine sharing some other things that I could offer if u have any more? I’ve thought about giving them a day off just to collect coins but then the club points would be lost right? I’m trying so hard and do have a pretty solid 24 players who say they enjoy the club. My main objective is that I just want ev1 to have fun and still make our 6 perks which we have finally gotten the past 2 weeks and looks
ery promising this week. yea! Thanks 4 any tips u can offer

For the first time in three months my club has lost motivation. They are currently doing a club event I made up randomly in order to see who actually reads chat.
From October 4 through October 8 if 15 people reply “I read chat” I will buy the club and medium gift. If 22 people replied “I read chat” I will buy the club a large gift. Only 22 needed on the last part because I’m fairly certain a few do not speak English to understand chat. I would not want the rest of the club to miss out if I forced all 25 to reply.
This just started today so I’ll let you know how it goes.


I love that idea @Nana_1202! :heart:

Hi, I’m new as co-leader and looking for motivational suggestions. Love the ideas above. A few I don’t understand, banking coins and leveling up. Can someone explain what you mean by this?:thinking::blush: Thanks.

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In regards to banking coins, our club does a rest week every 6 weeks, where our focus is not playing, other than to keep the volcano cool, and log on to share coins and collect the free coins as much as possible, we have been able to add 1 million to our coins. Also that depends, how much are you into getting perk 7, we always get 6 perks done, and only do 7 if its 250k or less, so if perk7 happens to be 500k, than once a player has their weekly minimum completed early, than we can have 2 days where we can just collect coins and keep that volcano cool!


I have same issue. Always top 2 out of 3. A few months ago I started a monthly contest. The player that has won the most in top 3 for that month is Co-Leader the following month. Then, any current co-leaders aren’t eligible for the next time. I’m just having trouble getting people motivated, even co-leaders


That’s a great idea!!!