How to easily find answers to questions

Any new player or vetrans to the game, you’d be pleasantly suprised. Most questions that are asked on the forums and repeated questions can easily be found at your fingertips. Simply by clicking the menu on the game app and clicking help, there are loads of information! Now don’t get me wrong! We are enjoying the forums and helping fellow players. But if you don’t find what you are looking for on the help section of the game, type 1 or 2 key words on the search in the forums, chances are someone has posted something! Here is wgat the help section looks like on the game app, take note this is the same place you can contact support for feedback or for missing coins or rewards. It’s the STILL NEED HELP? Contact us button.


I have used this feature and it works great. I was surprised by the quick response I received.

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Yes you can find simple answers under the help and the guide keys in the game.
It is always a good idea for a new player to review these sections.