How To Delete Messages

Is there a way to delete individual messages in my inbox? Thank you!

Have you gone to the message itself and hit the tool icon at the very bottom of the message? That should give you a choice to delete topic [that’s what I do] If not, tap your avatar on right side, then tap the envelope [list of messages/emails should populate]. The messages/emails will be on left [on my tablet it is anyway] You can also tap the envelope to check if message/email was deleted.

@MzQuail @GracieLynn and I ran a test for you. Because she is a moderator, and has more tools available, she asked me to see what’s available to me.

I found if I compose a message and send it, I have the option to delete it. After tapping on the 3 dots below the message, you’ll see a trash can.

I also noticed any message composed by someone else, and sent to me AND, replies to my message cannot be deleted.

Here is an message I composed.

Here is GracieLynn’s reply, and one she composed. Notice I don’t have a trash can option on her reply, but I still have the option to delete what I wrote.

It looks as if we can delete our own writings (and posts), but not those of others.

Thank you @Colibri for suggesting I take a look at my options. Good idea. :slight_smile:


@CindyLu thanks for doing this


Thank you both for your help!! Unfortunately, what I want to do can’t be done - unless/until Savvy allows Forum members to delete the messages in their ‘inboxes.’ I can just ignore them, but I prefer to keep a ‘tidy’ inbox - one that isn’t filled with ages-old messages.