How many more points do we need?

Is there a way to know how many more points are needed to fulfill the perk you are working on? Sometimes it seems the bar is not moving, no matter how many points you win. It would be nice to know how close you are to completing the perk to get to the next level.


Hi @Miranda_Gunderson, welcome to the forum! Here is a useful post for determining points.

Points required to finish perk

It pretty much has held true for over a year now, but you never know when they are going to change things up a bit… like last week the 7th (special) perk required 100,000 points instead of 85,000.

When you look at the post, keep in mind that you add the totals of each perk to determine the total club points needed. For instance, if you have completed perk 1 and your working on perk 2, then

Perk 1 - 5,000 points
Perk 2 - 15,000 points, = 20,000 points total

… and so on depending on which order you work on the perks.

Hope this helps!


I have the same question. There should be a visual amount . It may encourage players to complete a perk.