How many clubs take a week break?

Hi. I was wondering how many clubs take a break from playing to build coins etc? Some of our club members I feel are being burnt out so to speak because they run out of coins to play. At the moment we have a great club and would hate to lose members because they feel pressured. We don’t ask for much. Just 20k quota and 100 tributes a week. 36hrs non play you get booted. I know a lot of other teams ask for alot more. Some of our members haven’t been playing long. What do other clubs do. To take a break or not? Any suggestions would be great. :slight_smile:


I was on a team that took a vacation week, we all still played but not nearly as much. It was nice to take a break. Other teams have “vacation” teams for their players as needed and they come and go


Just allow those who wish to take a break, some will and some won’t. But keep eye on volcano as well


Our club takes a week about once a month. We can play if we want. It really helps especially if you know some will be out for the week or just had a tough week. We don’t get all the perks, but able to relax and build up our points.


I think it is a fabulous idea!!


I need a break… love this game n am a very good player. Would like to join u. I’m Lynda Casey on fb.

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I will friend you. And when we get an opening I’ll send you an invite.

There are a bunch with your name and none with the same picture. Need a bit more to narrow you down!!

I’m Lynda Casey, Tillamook Oregon

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Tried to send you a message but not sure if it went through. We had to cut two members this morning. Right now we are public. Called Tipsy Tikis. Please join us. We are just off bank week and on Holiday minimum points. 2500 points and 25 tributes per day. These will bump up some after the first of the year. No more than 20hours idle unless you send us a notice. We all have lives. @Lynda_Casey

There are 2 - Tipsy Tikis when you look in discover. We are the one in the gold league with 138k at this time. We drop a league when we bank.

My club is called Honest Play. We have 36 hour active. Only 8k min although most players earn min double that. We dont do official breaks for the whole club. However, I have my members tell me when they are on vacation what dates, or if they have alot going on (one member is a professor and finals week, another just had a baby!) And then I know not to boot them for less game time or not meeting requirements. With that freedom some members may ask for vacation days or week that perhaps is really just a break from the game. I’m fine with that. People have lives. With that said we usually only complete 5 perks so we sent highly competitive yet. All depends on the mood you want to set for your club.