How do you get your members to communicate?

When I first started this game in 2017, I joined a club and learned the ropes. As time went on, the leader had quit the game with no co leaders. So the club went downhill with no way to fix some of the problems as more people left the game it got to just a few member playing.

So about a year ago I started my own club. I still work and don’t have time to spend hours a day in my club but usually get on every day and get points, etc. I also made sure to add co leaders to help.

One of the biggest issues I have is people won’t communicate. We really don’t have club minimums other than I really want to see people active every week and helping unlock when they get on and we usually can get 4 perks each week.

I have tried club notes, I have tried club chat. Today after reading on here I have created a FB group. I just want to know if someone is going to be gone for a time but wants to return to the game so I won’t remove them. I want to be able to help new players easier. I can’t get anyone to talk.

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Communication issues are huge with this game, our club struggles with that also.I am still hoping the developers will come up with a more effective way of grabbing players attention to chat and to read chat


I am just at a loss how to get people to talk. I have even set up a FB group for those who are on FB and I can’t even get people to acknowledge that they have even seen my notes about it. Not one person has joined.


I feel you there! It took us a long while to build up a team, there was alot of removing players, just keep at it, you’ll get there!

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My sister started playing, so I invited her to our team. I posted something in chat, and she didn’t acknowledge, so I sent her a messenger message, and told her exactly how to check chat. She still doesn’t check chat. Ugh! I have to messenger her every time!

“You can lead a horse to water…”

Some people just don’t chat, or check chat. There’s not much GSN can do about that.

I say, those who are not team players, don’t need to be on a team. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only issue is your players need to be on FaceBook and not everyone wants to use it. A closed FaceBook group is a great way to communicate because you can share screen shots, post messages you can easily refer back to and you can share personal stories to get to know your club members better.

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