How can we get more free coins?

How can we get more free coins like before?


Like before what? I wish they would go back to your free coin collect that is every 20 mins only to the one that let the coins add up to 6000 I think it was before it stopped adding coins. But you could collect after 20 mins if you wanted.


Add me. I gift :gift: daily


Hi! How can I add you? I’m having the same problem can’t colkect enough and when I do the quests are sometimes harder or you have to spend more to win a quest! I love playing but can’t dont have the money! I wish I did cause I’d give and share :hugs:

4 Likes! I would love too chat! Love this game! Don’t have the money! Love having FUN just cost to much


I wish we could talk with other members like I do with other games. I ask questions sometimes but don’t get any answers…hardly play other games cause I love this one. But it’s getting harder to get coins.


Maybe change to a different club. Club loyalty should be with team members that you could bond with either through play or with chat imo. Shouldn’t necessarily be loyal to a club just cause you randomly joined a team and now feel guilty to leave


That questions very limited.
Do you play shrine?
Are you connected to fb?
Are you in a good club?
Do you play quests?
What quest do you aim for on the choose 3?
What level are you on?
Do you play tributes?
Do you take advantage of your boosters?
What’s your personal level at?

These all play into coins and more. If your answers not more than yes to all or in the same regard than that’s 1 more way.


Yes costs too much! Tri peaks loved to push the basket so you pay,& get torched from there gain! They are ruthless & never do us players any good!


Join Winemates. We chat constantly and have developed great friendships. We work together and win almost all the quests. Platinum league.


Thats what i woul line to know im on a fix budget so the onez giving dont last long cause everything is high on this game 6000 3000 like cuy some of this down.


Join our team! We chat ALL the time… Platinum league Winemates… my name is Martine I’m a co- leader we’d love to have you!


I think I will cause I’m not getting non of my perks and I’m starting not to play much and I really like the game Thank you

Trying to add you if you don’t see me as a new friend that means I haven’t figured it out yet so maybe you could just do the same in Reverse towards me friend me is that okay hopefully so have a good day

Maxine I’m trying to add you I’m having problems figuring this out so if it’s cool and all if you don’t see an invitation for me would you mind adding me as your friend if all that makes sense

Me either I’m not happy at all

I spent $100 playing this game it’s a rip-off I love to play it as well just can’t afford it

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Add me…