How can I be part of 2 clubs? One serious, One fun?

I would like to join a Rookie club to help them out, but want to stay with my Platinum club.

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@Sharon_Canty, that is possible. There are 2 ways to be a part of 2 clubs.

1.) If you are logged in with FB on your game, then “Log out”. Once you log out, you’ll have a fresh start from scratch game. That account can play in a rookie league. When you want to play in your Platinum Club, just log in again. There are 2 potential problems with this way.

  • If anything happens with your device, like gets washed in the washing machine, you’ll lose that account, as all progress is stored on the device when it’s not logged into FB.

  • Some devices have issues (a game glitch) with logging out. On one of my devices, I simply cannot log out. *

2.) You can create another FB account, and log a second TriPeaks account into your second FB account.

I have more than one account on TriPeaks and FB. This is easier when you have more than one device… but if your device doesn’t have a problem with logging out, then it can be accomplished, with no problem :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your info. Turned out I didn’t need to do it as the player managed to play very well while being on vacation!

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Yay @Jeanh, I’m glad to hear it worked pout for you!

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