House Music (Gold) looking for players who communicate!

Houses Music is a Gold team that dips in to Platinum on occasion. We have a few spots open for players who are not afraid to use chat! You don’t need to be chatty Kathy (or you can be) but you do need to read the chat and use it to communicate when you complete (max) a club quest, will be idle for more than 24 hours or participate in competition.

House Music Rules:
-Must use chat to confirm you understand & agree to the rules when joining
-500 club points & 10 tributes are required when you join (before first idle)
-Weekly minimums are modest: 7,000 club points & 100 tributes required
-No idle over 24 hours w/out notice (one reason chat is very important)
-Unlock the free gift in club shop

You must try to max all club quests. We keep track! So while you may not max a quest here or there, consistent under performance will be noticed. Tribute quests are mandatory and the most important ones to make sure you complete / max. We understand that life happens! Just be sure to use chat to let the team know when it does! And if / when you do fall short a “sorry” in chat goes a long way.

Competitions (dig & race) are optional. We have rules and minimums specific to each competition if you do decide to participate. Competition rules (especially minimums) are important to keep it fair for those who choose to participate.
The first week (after joining) is a trial period and we ask that you do not join any competitions during that first week. This gives you time to observe how we work together during competitions & time to ask questions about them before you decide to join in.

If this sounds good to you, please consider joining. We are the only team named House Music which makes us very easy to find. :wink: Thanks!

What is your perk order? Thanks

We just follow the simple 123456 order.