Holiday Wishes Response

My wish is that kindness would come back. That people stop being afraid to be around other people. My wish is that our kids can get their youth back to normal. My wish is that we put our differences aside and join together as a nation. My wish is for covid to just go away, quit broadcasting about it. My wish is that grocery prices go down so families can afford them. My wish is for the extra child I have taken in can find a way to reconnect with her mom and family. My wish is for families to be able to spend the holidays with each other WITHOUT fear. Happy Holidays to everyone


Yes we need peace, for all, truth in all this, and PRAISE the Lord, we are all together, and get rid of Covid19.

My wish is that all of our first responders have a safe holiday season.

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Same to you :heart::tada::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

My wish is that everyone is safe and feels love this holiday season, and that I will be able to hug my parents soon. <3

When I was 18 I had to give my baby boy up for adoption. My wish is to find him.

I believe all your wishes are valid and maybe by summer covid will be under control and we can hug again. But for now I’m staying home, I’m not hugging my friends or family, I’m not going out but for essentials and I always wear a mask. This is NOT the time to relax our standards; we’ve found that out already. And for all you younger generations who think you’re immune, you are not! Just protect you while protecting me please.