Highest streak meaning

What does highest streak mean on friends page?

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Maybe this will help @Mittie
Click the blue word image and should show you the picture


Thanks for the info. Why are some friends darkened out so that I cannot ask them to play?

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It means they weren’t included in the testing of this new Relay feature.


The more times you relay with a friend the more numbers added to the streaks … but idk if your the highest if you get anything

Why can’t we see in friend center how many streaks or shares that we as an individual have?

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I thought it had to do with relays but then I realized it said I had a 10 streak with someone I have never played relay with. So I’m still confused as to what it means.

That’s odd, the streak number by your name is the highest streak you have earned in general…
Others on your friend list with streak numbers could have played someone other then you to get there streak. If this makes sense.
Your streak and shares are only seen by others, we can not see our own shares or streaks unless by chance you ask a friend.

Gotcha. I guess they put it there so we could decide if we want to play with them or not.