Help The desperate

Help I work a lot I need a club that wants to go past perk 4 . I work 5 12 he shifts and will play when I can . My club quits for days at a time and once they reach 4 that’s it

What is your club points average? Are you able to max CQ’S?

We are Quattro tikis. We are looking for motivated players. Minimum now is 30k. The minimum will go up as we move up. We were a legend team that had issues and fell apart. If this is something you are interested in request to join. We get every perk. We like to have fun and chat

Island friends might be a good fit. Don’t be gone more than 20 hours without letting us know. Max on club quest. Play tributes. Read chat. If you decide you want to stay after 2 weeks, we ask that you join our FB page. We use the page to communicate and get to know each other.

Tiki treehouse is for you. I have been in a diamond club before as a co-leader. Not looking to go diamond again but just want team player that want to get 6 perks and have fun! I also do several 12 hr shifts so I know what it’s like.


Check out ‘the ice hotel’

We’re a relaxed club just ask you play daily or let me know.

Max CQ ESPECIALLY GEMS & Play club competitions

Look forward to welcoming you on board

Would love for you to try our team! 5k daily, complete all quests, chat! We are “just playing” logo has tongue sticking out. Currently platinum, but we make diamond often! Come, request to join as we are currently invite only! Give us a try!

!!!Looking for new players for a new club!!!We are usually a gold and platinum team but since we created this new club we do make cq,perks are a little harder since we are building up the club with only daily players that likes to complete cq and perks and can max at least 1/3.and no idles over 18. So if you want to help us build the club up we would love to have you at Peace,love&tiki also I am looking for a couple of co leaders so I will be looking for that as well. As for the new team, I have had my club for almost three years and I just wanted a new start