Help Form Is Not Working/Payouts On Free Games

I lost game play coins. Each time I hit submit on the form it just kicks me back to the game. I have used the help function numerous times, so this is new. Usually you get a “thanks for your feedback” form. I use a different email for games than is on my phone, so I can not check right now to confirm if it was received on your end.

Also, it seems that more often than not game pay errors occur during free play. I’d like to think this is a bug, and not y’all hoping people don’t notice


I have been trying to get problems I’ve had and item losses fixed for a MONTH Tripeaks STILL has NOT helped me or fixed the issues or even tried to fix it I’m beyond upset with the entire situation

If the help option is not working, email directly at you will get a ticket number and the response rate is 3 days if they are super back logged. Be sure to check your spam folder if you have not received the ticket number within 24 hours.


they have historically been pretty good about getting my coins back. within 24 hrs. I did see that my emails went through. But I do think there are a few bugs that need to get fixed. I keep checking to see if there is a game update in the play store. thank you Tracy!


I don’t know what devise you are using, but mine a samsung A5 I have a game play app, that was not on auto update, once I updated that app my game issues cleared


Yep, update & also clear your app cache (my antivirus has that option so it’s easy peasy)

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