Have there been changes in the ability to receive free coins?

What is happening with this game?
My ads have been greatly reduced. Today I was able to watch 5 ads for my free wild card and only one additional video. Same for the past 2 days.
My free drops for medallions by watching an ad was also reduced from 3 to 2.
And I recently found out that several of my team members were grandfathered in under older rules and receive 3k coins from 5 friends every 4 hours where I only receive 1k. So they receive 15k every 4 hours where I’m plugging away and only receiving 5k which isn’t even enough to finish/win a game.
Finally, the odds of winning with a medallion drop seem inconceivable. I’ve been playing for well over a year and have never hit the basket for 1 million coins.
I’m finding that there are so many limits on free coins that I’m almost being forced to pay to play. I’ve made several purchases/club gifts but I don’t don’t want to constantly pay just to play this game for 1 hr daily (and unfortunately, there is not alot of reciprocation from fellow team members when club gift doublers can be purchased).
Anyone else having similar problems?
And I can not figure out why once I had a tribute doubler (which was awesome) - and how it was even activated. I mean, was it a test period??
This game is getting impossible to discuss strategy with team members because of the way some people receive different awards (free coins).
I’d appreciate any suggestions/comments. I’d really like to stick with this game but it’s getting impossible to play without paying.
Feeling bummed out…

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Those who have been playing since 2019 and below, I believe, were grandfatehered in to get the 3K and there are others who may be getting 5K as well. There have been some changes in the levels too, some having less card pille to pull from. Depending on what league you’re on probably, you may still get the tribute doublers on a triubute club quest [we do once in a while]. It was in the beginning being tested it seemed or it could still be in a testing stage, I can’t be sure. I don’t know what league you’re in, but I’m in platinum and our team works togehter as best we could.

As a leader, I don’t expect members to purchase gift boxes, though we still have several members doing so, expecially when it’s double. Though like other clubs out there, members will leave because some do not find the game to be as enjoyable as before, or they want all club quests to be complete. But like real life events, changes are inevitable, they never remain the same, just like our salaries, they’re all different so we learn to make do we what we have and spend wisely.


  1. Boosters does not always have to be activated before each play; sometimes they work best in the middle or near the end of a play.
  2. Avoid using “More Cards” or “Undo”
  3. Join a club, if you haven’t already, as the rewards are better if you work with a team. Make sure to read the notes and use chat, if you decide to join a club.
  4. Find levels that pays out for you, but move around. If you stay on one level, it will not pay out as well, like a slot machine.
  5. Get coins through “Friend Center” every 4 hours, but you have to reach a certain island first to activate this [unfortunately I don’t know which island you have to be at]
  6. Get your free coins every 20 minutes
  7. Go to the games Fan Page (Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks | Facebook) for freebies. *In the game, go to “INBOX” and “News” tab and scroll to the bottom, “View” then “Like Us”
  8. Go to Tripeaks Web Shop: https://play.solitairetripeaks.com/ Tap the 3 lines on top right side then tap “Daily Gifts”

I have 2 accounts.
I can tell you this.
My old account I can watch a total of 10 ads. I currently have played up to tiki paradise.
My new account 3 years old
I am still on Tiki beaches (penguin isle)
I can watch ads, I had watched 25 and I still did not “max”
I recall years ago I put a ticket in, why aren’t ads available? They responded, ads are dependent on the area, some places have more, some less.
I accepted that answer, well because it made sense.

However, now that I had played on my 2nd account for a couple weeks, I know now that is untrue.

The farther you progress, the perks change. The farther along you progress, the more coins it cost to play, and the more you can win and watching afs are depleted. However I did find that poi moves to farther spots that in the lower levels.

As for the tribute doublers, if I remember correctly, they did give some away on their Facebook page.
They also were available as a pop up gift buy a while back. I imagine they will be available purchase soon

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Yes, same as you. Nothing ever changes, I complain on deaf ears.