Have had enough...

I quit . I don’t have all day to play and wait for coins. So aggravating and not fun anymore.


Check out the FRIEND CENTER PETITION post, send a msg by participating in 1 DAY NO PLAY on 1/31/20!


I certainly understand your frustration, it is a shame you are quitting though :worried:
Hopefully they will finish the testing they say is going on and things will improve. I can’t imagine everyone’s comments are going unnoticed! Hopefully everyone is using the correct way to feedback and they are not all simply endlessly complaining on the Forum here as I don’t think that is productive or the reason for the Forum. The moderators on here are just that, not employees and I don’t think the Forum us where they gather their info, data and feedback (just my thoughts and opinions).
Hope you stay and begin to enjoy it again. More coins agreeably would definitely help!!


Check out the post…FRIEND CENTER PETITION…send a msg to tech support…1 DAY NO PLAY on 1/31/20!

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Only time I got a response was changing rating on Google play, but it was “we value all opinions”
I rated it a 1 star.